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10 Must Use ChatGPT Prompts for PPC Ads and Content  

The invention of ChatGPT has transformed the marketing landscape and everyone’s approach to content creation and copywriting. Many marketing creatives are focused on using ChatGPT to generate long-form content, but it is also super effective with PPC!

However, it can be overwhelming to figure out what prompts to use and where to begin. Proper ChatGPT prompts will allow you to generate high-quality responses from ChatGPT that will transform your PPC campaigns for the better.

10 ChatGPT Prompts for PPC Ads and Landing Page Content

1. Headline Writing

Write me 15 headlines in Google Ads responsive search ad format for [company] in [industry].

This shows the response for the prompt. It provides 15 different headlines that are for a response search ad.

Yes, ChatGPT knows what Responsive Search Ads are, but it does not abide by character limits (yet)! Although that is a limitation, it still does an outstanding job of writing emotional headlines and promoting offers. Use this prompt to help you brainstorm headline ideas that evoke emotion and agitate your ideal customer’s pain points.

2. Description Writing

Write me 15 descriptions in the Google Ads Responsive Search Ad format that go along with the headlines you just provided.

This is a screenshot of a ChatGPT respones that displays for different description for a Google Response Search ad.

Like the headline idea shared previously, you can use ChatGPT to write your Responsive Search Ad descriptions. Many people don’t realize that ChatGPT is excellent at taking follow-up instructions. You just need to be highly specific about what you want it to mention, and you’ll be presented with some great descriptions to use as a starting point.

3. Ad Extension (Assets) Writing

Provide me with 10 Google Callout extensions for a [company] that offers [services]

This is a screenshot of a ChatGPT prompt for ad copy and creation. It shows multiple options for ad extensions.

Ad Extensions (now called Ad Assets) allow advertisers to take up more real estate in the search results and increase ad prominence. Why not use ChatGPT to help your ads be more prominent with short, unique offers? Save time by getting some great ad asset ideas from ChatGPT!

4. A/B Testing

Give me 2 ad variations in RSA format using headlines and descriptions for [company]. Why are these good variations to test?

This screenshot shows ChatGPT producing 2 ad variations for A/B testing.

To know what messaging resonates with your audience, you should test at least two Responsive Search Ads in every ad group. Use ChatGPT to help you develop different ad variations with two points of focus. In the example above, the first variation was focused on urgency, and the second was focused on the discount.

Would patients be more inclined to call with “urgency-based” messaging or “discount-based” messaging? The only way to know is to test!

5. Content Ideation

Write me some compelling and emotional landing page copy to convince users from my PPC Google Ads campaign to call or submit a form for [company].

This screenshot shows ChatGPT producing compelling and emotional landing page copy for a Google Ads campaign.

ChatGPT can help you sell! Well, kind of. It can help you be persuasive in your ad copy and content to convince users to take action on your landing page.

6. Translation

Translate the headlines to [language].

This is a screenshot of a ChatGPT response. It's translating ad copy into Spanish.

Are you serving more than just the English-speaking market? If so, use ChatGPT to help you translate your ads. Just be careful and have a native speaker proofread just in case something gets lost in translation.

Note: ChatGPT translation is only available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean at this time.

7. Formatting For Ads

Format this sentence in title/sentence casing.

Screenshot of ChatGPT changing the title casing for ad copy.

Depending on how you want to write your ads, you can use ChatGPT to help you format them to either be title-cased or sentence-cased. Which version is better for performance? The only way to know is to test, but definitely make sure that your headlines are title-cased.

8. Calls-To-Action Ideas

What are 5 different calls-to-action ideas that I can ask a user to take from my PPC ad for a local orthodontist?

Screenshot of ChatGPT sharing five different calls-to-action ideas for a PPC ad.

Are you tired of seeing the same generic calls-to-actions by all your competitors? ChatGPT can help you stand out from the crowd but using this prompt. If you want to take it a step further, provide ChatGPT with all your competitors’ calls-to-actions and ask for it to come up with something even better that will get a high response rate!

9. Generate New Offers

Provide me 5 offer ideas that I can give to [customer type]

This is a screenshot of a ChatGPT response. It shares 5 new offer ideas for a Google Ads campaign.

This is a similar idea to the call-to-action prompt previously. This prompt allows you to generate new, compelling offer ideas to test. You never know what’s going to get your audience to become a lead, so it’s worth trying a few variations!

10. Landing Page Ideation

Give me some ideas for a fully optimized landing page for an orthodontist in Seattle who is running Google Ads. The goal is to get as many form submissions and phone calls as possible. What sections would you include on the landing page, and what types of pictures would you include? 

This is a detailed response from ChatGPT. It shares ideas on how to fully optimize a landing page for more goals and form submissions.

ChatGPT can tell you how to organize your landing page for the best potential results. This prompt is quite detailed but gets a precise response from ChatGPT that helps develop ways to organize your landing page. Remember, the more specific you are, the better answers you will get from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT and the Future of Professional Marketers

As of now, ChatGPT is not able to replace an experienced marketer that can reason and make thoughtful recommendations, but it is a great assistant!

With these ChatGPT prompts for PPC ads, you can quickly generate creative ad copy and content ideas to help improve your campaign performance. However, it’s essential to remember that as PPC advertising continually evolves, so should your strategy.

Important Note About Plagiarism and ChatGPT Prompts for PPC Ads

All the prompts presented here are meant to give you ideas on content creative for your PPC campaign. It’s important to take any ChatGPT-produced content and make it your own to avoid any plagiarism and/or duplicate content issues.