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8 Insightful ChatGPT Prompts to Power Your PPC Analysis

ChatGPT is changing how the world views artificial intelligence and is providing businesses with a powerful tool to assist in various marketing activities. But the key to unlocking its full potential is knowing which prompts to use!

With most marketers talking about how ChatGPT can be used for copywriting, many don’t realize that it can be a helpful assistant for analytics, insights, and reporting! 

Here’s a  list of 8 ChatGPT prompts you can use to generate insights quickly and assist with analytical activities related to PPC:

1. Excel Formula Lookup

Help with any Excel functions for anyone who is not savvy with Excel. Describe your issue and what you want Excel to do within ChatGPT.

This is a screenshot of a ChatGPT prompt and repsonse. It shows how you can ask ChatGPT to produce an excel formula.

If you are unfamiliar with many Excel functions, you can use ChatGPT to help you identify the proper function and develop a formula. Just be very specific about your inputs and  what you’re describing to ChatGPT because if you explain your starting point incorrectly, ChatGPT may cause more confusion for you!

2. Account Analysis Help

My conversion rate decreased by 10% in Google Ads. Where should I look to identify what caused this?

ChatGPT prompt and response that shows how you can analyze PPC account issues and how to troubleshoot it.

This prompt is excellent for those who need help with cause and effect analysis. If you see a dip in performance, you need to identify the cause, and ChatGPT gives you some places to look to diagnose the issue so it can be course-corrected.

3. Basic Data Analysis

Look at specific data points and provide an analysis with a quick bullet point summary of what happened. [then paste data into ChatGPT in a table format]

ChatGPT prompt screenshot that shows how it can look at specific data points and provide a trend analysis.

Get a table ready in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel with your data points and get ChatGPT to analyze the numbers. It’s pretty amazing how it can provide a quick bullet point summary of the trends within a matter of seconds!

4. Definitions of Certain Metrics.

Act like a [certain type of expert] and explain [topic] like I’m 5 years old.

Screenshot of ChatGPT defining a PPC metric, impression share lost to budget.

Have you tried to understand the definition of certain terms within the Google Ads platform, but it’s just NOT making any sense? Ask ChatGPT to break down a technical term and explain it to you like you’re 5. You will likely understand it much better than you did before!

5. Performance Improvements

How can you make improvements to campaigns based on certain restrictions?

Screenshot that shows ChatGPT responding to a prompt about making campaign improvements. It shares 5 factors on how to fix a campaign that is limited by budget.

Let’s say you’re getting a notification that you’re limited by budget, but you don’t know what to do besides increase your budget. This is the perfect prompt for you! You can also feed ChatGPT your limitations, such as daily budget restrictions, to get some ideas on how to get results with your limited budget.

6. Data Visualization

Create a graph in Excel with a data chart.

Screenshot of ChatGPT prompt and response that is about creating a graph with given data.

This is powerful if you need to become savvier with Excel. However, you still want to be able to represent your data visually. You will get step-by-step instructions to help you with data visualization!

7. Basic Recommendations for Tools – CRO, Landing Pages, Analytics

If you’re looking for a new PPC tool to make your life easier, ask ChatGPT to provide some recommendations.

Screenshot of ChatGPT providing software recommendations for conversion rate optimization.

8. Analysis: Scan My Search Query Reports

Watch my video to see how you can use ChatGPT to scan your search query reports! Junior-level PPC marketers or interns typically do this task, but now you can save time and resources with this ChatGPT secret.Thumbnail of a Youtube video about using CHatGPT to screen search terms with accuracy.

ChatGPT is Your New Reporting Assistant

Analyzing your PPC results can be one of the most challenging parts of running a full-fledged campaign. While ChatGPT cannot provide recommendations yet, it makes it easier for you to create reports and can help with the initial trend analysis.

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